Legend of Poker Wild Bill Hickok

Poker is full of legends and most of them are from the cowboy time. When cowboys wanted to try their chance to find some gold in the middle of nowhere and get rich. Poker was probably the most popular activity of these guys. Wild Bill Hickok is one of these legends. When Wild Bill Hickok was a kid, he wanted to be a sheriff and later he became a sheriff but he has a personal version of justice and wanted to have his owns. One day, he killed 2 guys because they were laughing about him he that irritated our cowboy.

This guy had a lot of enemies, you can probably guess it by yourself but one day, he was playing poker games in a saloon and he received an ace and an 8. The board was on his favour and he went all in with one of other player, he was waiting the river when suddenly and other cowboy went into the saloon and killed Wild Bill Hickok: The hand of death.

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