Loyalty points in Mansion online casino

Today we are going to explain the operation of the loyalty points in one of the best online casinos that we can find: Mansion Casino .

Loyalty points is the online casino’s way of rewarding its players every time they play or place a bet on one of their casino games . These points make us Bronze, Silver, Gold or VIP players.

These points are received by all real money games, and are added to our account each time we leave a game, and can then be used to buy cash bonuses.

The amount of points we receive varies depending on which novoline spiele game we bet on. For example, we receive a loyalty point for every € 12 wagered on slot machines or scratch cards, but in roulette we need to bet € 40, and in blackjack , € 50. We can see this on the points page of Casino Mansion.

When we reached 500 points, we became Silver players; with 3000, in Gold; and, with 20,000, and having deposited more than 2,000 € in the casino, in VIP players. Depending on our level, we can buy bonuses with our points. For example, having the Silver level, and 1500 points, we can buy 40 € of cash bonus.

All this is just one of the many advantages of becoming a player of Mansion Casino , which has many more bonuses and promotions.

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