Let’s go straight to the heart of the matter with one of the most amazing figures: 10 billion euros! This is the total in euros of the amount spent by the French in the online gambling sector since its legal opening by the ARJEL (Regulatory Authority for Online Games). According to the statements of Jean-François Vilotte (president of the ARJEL) published in the newspaper Le Monde, the online gambling and betting sector “is not a growing market”. Indeed, if we take into account the figures of the second half of 2010 and compare them to those of the first half of 2011, the figures are 5,025 billion euros in 2010, and 5,113 billion in 2011, “so stable “.

We can not talk about an inflationary spiral for the moment. So it does not seem to have to worry about the addictive behavior of the French compared to online gambling like online poker, online casino and other online sports betting. On the other hand, the impact of this new mode of play shows an evolution of the customs and mode of consumption (or game) of the French, it would not be surprising to see the phenomenon gaining momentum over time.

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