Should You Rebuy

Some of the Poker Tournaments are real stiff competition with good players, bad players and bad players that want to be good players getting swept to the cleaners by the professionals who enter these tournaments. The option to re-buy, i.e. replenish with a fresh stack of chips, may not always be a good bet in these tournaments.

The question is do you want to re-buy If so then ask yourself why If you think you stand a better chance by re-buying you need to consider why you feel that way. If it is a large tournament and you have already been through one round of re-buying, stop it now and consider where you will be before you re-buy again.

There comes a point and time in every tournament where you may be fighting a losing battle, and it is better to bow out gracefully and go back to the ring games if you are not yet up to the standard to be a viable contender.

The other thing to consider in some of the smaller online tournaments is whether or not you have invested more in the game by re-buying than you possibly can win. In the smaller tournaments, this is a distinct possibility. If you can evaluate your own play and be honest with yourself, you may not want to re-buy.

There is a simple strategy you can use to justify whether or not you should re-buy. Only play the top 10 starting hands and if you fall below a certain mark, re-buy one time and then sit on it until after the re-buying opportunity ends. The only exception to this would be if you have the opportunity to play one of the top 10 starting hands again and of course you would most likely play that particular hand.

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