World Poker Tour Legend

The finals just ended and we were able to attend a face to face between Andy Frankenberger and Kyle Wilson. At the start of the final, Andy Frankenberger was the chip leader with nearly three times the chip pile of his opponent, which didn’t leave a lot of luck to his opponent (9,000,000 against 3 million).

World Poker Tour LegendThe finale ended with an all-in from Kyle Wilson with an ace and a three of the same suit (diamonds) against an ace and a nine same suits (clubs) to Andy Frankenberger. On the river, a nine appeared and the game was over. Andy Frankenberger won this poker tournament with a reward of $ 750,000 and also his first WSOP bracelet and a trophy bearing the image of Wild Bill Hickok. The next step will be the EPT London tournament and the show promises a lot of surprise again, be ready for a new tournament and the season has just started!!!

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